Garage Door Repair Scarborough

Garage Door Torsion Spring

If it comes to trouble with a garage door torsion spring, Scarborough techs take super-quick action to provide service. Are you faced with torsion spring problems? Is the torsion spring broken? Does it seem to be in bad shape? Or, want something different, like the existing extension springs converted into a torsion spring in your Scarborough house in Ontario?

Whatever you may need, turn to Garage Door Repair Scarborough ON. Due to the possible risks and the huge importance of springs, all services are provided swiftly. No worries about that. No worries about anything, to be specific. Why should you worry? The required torsion spring repair – and any service – is provided promptly by a trained tech at a very reasonable rate. And all you have to do is contact our team and give us the okay to take over.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Scarborough

Prompt service for any garage door torsion spring in Scarborough

While it’s truly important that all Scarborough garage door torsion spring services are provided quickly, what’s equally significant is that they are provided by expert techs. Whether this is a galvanized spring or an oil-tempered spring, reach us without hesitation. Whether you want service for a Wayne Dalton spring or a Clopay spring, leave the job to us. We are experienced with all torsion springs and services. And can serve you no matter what torsion spring service you need.

Full services, from garage door torsion spring replacement to lubrication

  •          Garage door torsion spring replacement. Torsion springs are replaced quickly whether they are broken or worn. Be sure that the techs bring the right torsion spring replacement to ensure the good and safe movement of the garage door.
  •          Garage door torsion spring adjustment. When new springs are set up, they are also adjusted for perfect garage door balance. Now, if you own a galvanized torsion spring, chances are high that you will occasionally need adjustment. If you do, contact us.
  •          Routine spring inspection & service. The torsion spring system can be occasionally inspected so that its condition will be assessed and its coils will be lubricated for the avoidance of corrosion.
  •          Installation of additional torsion spring. A second torsion spring may be needed if the garage door is too wide. Our team is at your service.
  •          Replacement of torsion spring components. If some components of the springs are damaged – rusty, distorted, broken, or else – they can be replaced. Let us know.

Reach us now and any time you need service. Whatever you need for a garage door torsion spring, Scarborough techs can quickly cover all needs.